We study the needs and potential of the site where we will work. We delve into the history of the place, to develop its potential in new spaces. We review the structures and construction characteristics and evaluate the possibilities of each space to ensure solutions that invite you to enjoy an exceptional site.

We design contract, hospitality and catering projects as well as commercial and residential projects, taking into account both the needs of the clients and the perfect operation of the space.

This first stage ensures that the chosen site is adequate and defines the characteristics that we will develop in detail in the project draft.


The idea of the project takes shape in the design of the construction project.

The technical and detailed drawings of the entire project are made, with a high level of constructive definition that will be used to give the appropriate work instructions.

The specific details that provide the quality of the project and configure its style as the final result are defined.

At this stage, compliance with project regulations, their construction solutions, appropriate dimensions, accessibility and facilities is verified.


During the development of the project, a palette of colors and materials is chosen and defined, wich will result in the final style of the spaces.

Each of the materials to be used is specified in the construction project.

The choice of furniture, textiles and the development of special elements are aspects of great importance that help create a unique project, with a personality of its own.

The adhoc furniture and pieces design is present when designing the spaces, to create unique and harmonized places.


In order to manage an integral direction of the projects, we manage the hiring and contracting of technicians and suppliers, through a comparative analysis of the requested offers and verification of the technical specifications.

Thus we ensure that work management will meet all the technical requirements specified and developed in the executive project.

Work management is ensured for quality of execution and finish, and work milestones and schedules, to fulfill the goals set for the project.